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About Bold Steps Sober Living

A well-structured sober-living program can make all the difference between recovery and relapse. Sober living supports the individual in reaching crucial sobriety milestones in a supportive community of other people facing similar challenges. Our homes are alcohol and drug-free spaces offering peer support, continuing education, and daily structure in a tranquil community setting.

Why choose Bold Steps Behavioral Health?


We’ll help you apply for Medicaid and demystify the MLTCP application process, rightfully allowing you to receive the homecare services you deserve.


Feeling too ill or bedridden to visit the doctor’s office? We’ll bring the physician to your home for individualized, medical care.


As a new patient, you’ll be visited by a skilled nurse who’ll create a customized plan of care designed to maximize your health and minimize future hospital readmissions.


Why Bold Steps

At Bold Steps, we believe in the power of unity and community. Structured sober living is an integral part of the treatment process. Clients live at our 8-bedroom, fully-staffed luxury sober living residence situated on over 10 acres of land. At our men’s sober living in Harrisburg PA, we facilitate pro-social activities to develop the life skills necessary to maintain a healthy, productive, and independent lifestyle. Strike the ideal balance between accountability and independence to facilitate your journey back to daily routines:

  • Flexible scheduling during the day
  • Curfews and mandatory meetings
  • Supportive community environment
  • Job search and relocation assistance
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