Emotional Dysregulation

Looking into professional therapy and care for emotional dysregulation? We’re here to help. Bold Steps Behavioral Health offers treatment for those struggling with emotional dysregulation at our treatment program located in Harrisburg, PA.


What is emotional dysregulation?

Emotional dysregulation is a difficulty in accepting and regulating emotional response. Individuals experiencing emotional dysregulation often find it a struggle to maintain relationships, focus, and function regularly on a day-to-day basis.

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As a new patient, you’ll be visited by a skilled nurse who’ll create a customized plan of care designed to maximize your health and minimize future hospital readmissions.

What is emotional dysregulation?

One of the most effective methods of treatment for emotional dysregulation is cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Individuals will work with a therapist to develop strategies for managing emotions, tackling conflicts, and building their tolerance and comfort level around unwanted emotions.

To discuss your best treatment plan, please reach out to our admissions staff.

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