Looking into professional therapy and care for depression? We’re here to help. Bold Steps Behavioral Health offers treatment for those with depression at our treatment center located in Harrisburg, PA.


What is depression?

Everyone has ups and downs in life, but clinical depression is a diagnosis of a more serious—and treatable—set of symptoms that range from long-term sadness or apathy to anger and outrage. Depression can affect every area of daily life, especially tasks that require focus or engagement. Social withdrawal is a common side-effect of depression, leaving many people feeling isolated and hopeless. With the right combination of medication, therapy, and support from loved ones, depression can be managed, with clients obtaining a better, more balanced quality of life

Why choose Bold Steps Behavioral Health?


We’ll help you apply for Medicaid and demystify the MLTCP application process, rightfully allowing you to receive the homecare services you deserve.


Feeling too ill or bedridden to visit the doctor’s office? We’ll bring the physician to your home for individualized, medical care.


As a new patient, you’ll be visited by a skilled nurse who’ll create a customized plan of care designed to maximize your health and minimize future hospital readmissions.

What is depression?

Depression is most commonly treated through a combination of medication, behavioral therapy, and counseling. Medications—usually antidepressants—may be a short or long-term part of your treatment plan, which our treatment team will monitor.

Antidepressants help regulate serotonin, dopamine, and other neurotransmitters that play a role in your mood in order to help combat the effects of depression. Keep in mind that medication is not a quick fix, but rather a part of your holistic treatment plan, which may take weeks to months for you to see a significant reduction in symptoms.

Therapy can range from individual sessions to group therapy and family therapy, depending on the specific needs of the patient. Two of the most common therapeutic modalities employed in the treatment of depression include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and talk therapy. Both involve identifying tools and mindset shifts that can help you cope with signs of depression when they arise and claim more control over your life.

You are not alone at Bold Steps. From group therapy and community support to education workshops, you will receive every tool possible to help you change your life and heal.

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